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Hook and Loop Uses for Classrooms

10 Creative Hook and Loop Uses for Back to School Classrooms

Hook and Loop uses are only limited by your imagination. In the classroom – hook and loop can do so much – from organizing the classroom to creating learning possibilities in nearly every subject. Plus, hook and loop products fit nearly every budget – large or small. Here’s a list of creative uses as you


Fun Family Projects with Hook and Loop Fasteners and Tapes

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are fun for everyone involved, except the person shelling out the money for all the expensive products. There is good news for that though, there are cheaper alternatives to the name brand hook and loop fasteners that are equal in quality! This means you and your family can whip out all the


Making Special Education Learning Tools with Hook and Loop Tape

Studies have shown that more than one in ten young students are enrolled in some form of special education. Many are filled with emotion but find it difficult to express how they feel. Art helps as a learning aid and as a way of communicating feelings. Use hook and loop tape as one of your special education


Hook and Loop Tape for Sewing: Helpful Tips and Fun Project Ideas

Do you usually find yourself folding laundry, drawing doodles on your napkin at dinner, or cooking something in the kitchen just to keep yourself entertained? You may even find that small hobbies are what keep the joy in your life. If so, you’ll probably love sewing. Even more, you’ll love the fun you can have with


DIY Dorm Decor: 5 Cheap Decor Ideas Using Hook and Loop Tape

The average dorm room is less than 130 square feet. That doesn’t leave much room for decorative items. Plus, most dorms have policies that don’t let you put nails in the walls. But don’t worry, you can still put up inexpensive DIY dorm room decorations. Read on for 5 ways you can use hook and

DIY Valentine Decorations

Fall in Love with These DIY Hook & Loop Tape Valentine Decorations

Did you know that Americans spend over $10 billion on Valentine’s Day each year? If you want to save money on your decor this year, we’ve got some cute, simple ideas for Valentine decorations, all using hook and loop tape. Whether you’re celebrating alone, or you want to make the day magical for your partner, these crafts

Christmas Decorations You Can Create With Hook and Loop Tape

5 Festive Christmas Decorations You Can Create With Hook and Loop Tape

The season of holiday cheer has rolled back around again. And nothing says Christmas cheer more than decking the halls. The winter holiday is the best time to get creative with your indoor and outdoor decorations. It’s a chance for you to make your home into a perfect representation of what the holidays feel like.

velcro hook and loop tape

3 Benefits of Bulk Buying Hook & Loop Tape

You work pretty often with hook & loop tape because it makes the job easier. In fact, you buy it quite often – so much so that you feel the effects on your wallet. There must be another way to get the tape that you need without breaking the bank. Why not try bulk buying?


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