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Easy Craft Projects and Ideas: Velcro Ribbon Belts

Easy Craft Projects and Ideas: Velcro Ribbon Belts

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and affordable craft project? Look no further, because making Velcro ribbon belts is a simple and inexpensive DIY design that has endless possibilities. 

Using our high-quality Velcro products along with a few other materials, you can easily craft fashionable belt accents that make a statement perfectly fitting your personality and purpose.  These Velcro ribbon belts are so simple to make, you can even craft them with the kids at home for a fun project together.

Why Making Velcro Ribbon Belts is a Great Activity

Using Velcro for craft projects opens up infinite opportunities for fun and creative expression.  These ribbon belts are the perfect craft because they cost very little to create. Also, they are so easy. You can whip up several belts in one sitting.  Because they are so fast and simple to make, these belts are an excellent activity to share with your children or with friends. 

If those aren’t motivating reasons to get started on this crafty project, then consider all the different fashion designs and looks you can create in a short amount of time! Whether you are looking to jazz up your wardrobe or wanting to make something special for loved ones, these Velcro belts are easy to make and won’t crush your budget in materials. 

Creative Ideas for DIY Velcro Ribbon Belts

Velcro Ribbon Belts Gifts

When it comes to crafting these fun and simple Velcro ribbon belts, you are only limited by your imagination. This project is so versatile, and you can go in endless directions depending upon your creative vision, desire, or style.  Here are a few ideas to inspire your belt-making muse and open your eyes to the multitude of possibilities DIY Velcro ribbon belts can provide.

Make it Personal:  Have you ever been completely clueless about gift ideas? Let’s face it, some people are almost impossible to shop for. However, making a personalized Velcro ribbon belt is the perfect way to give your loved ones a gift that honors their style. Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers will cherish a hand-made Velcro ribbon belt that is tailored to their personality. They will love you for the thoughtfulness you invested and in the effort, you put into hand-crafting this one-of-a-kind gift!

Make it Themed:  While we’re thinking about the perfect gift, consider making Velcro ribbon belts for various themes that come up in the lives of those you care about. For example, you can easily craft belts for any themed occasion such as baby showers, themed birthday parties, bachelorette parties, social functions and so much more.  Life is full of opportunities to celebrate, and these belts are an outstanding way to showcase any theme.

Make it Charitable: Thinking about launching a fundraiser? Consider making and selling Velcro ribbon belts to raise money for your church, school functions, or any cause you are passionate about.  If you are thinking about boosting funds for a school function, your child can even get in on the act by helping with these super-easy-to-make belts.  These versatile belts are inexpensive to make, rendering fabulous profit margins. That means they have incredible potential to generate a tidy income for your charitable foundation. 

Make it Sporty: Nothing makes a ‘team spirit’ statement more powerful than sporting a custom-made belt that champions a favorite team. You can get so creative during Super Bowl parties, Wimbledon tennis tournaments, or March madness basketball events.  You can even create Velcro ribbon belts for little league functions or locally sponsored recreational games. Your DIY belts will be sure to be the home run to any sporting event or party!

Affordable, Fun, Fashionable: Making Velcro Ribbon Belts for Any Occasion

There are million-and-one reasons for venturing into making Velcro ribbon belts. From fundraising to sports events, or just spending time crafting with kids and gifting to loved ones…this craft project is the perfect artistic adventure.  Once you see how easy these belts are to make and realize how inexpensive they are to create, we know you will get totally hooked on belt-making with our high-quality Velcro products.  

Here is how to make Velcro ribbon belts:

What you will need:

Velcro Strips - Velcro Ribbon Belts

(Altogether, that’s only around $2 in supplies!)

Steps for How to Make Velcro Ribbon Belts

1. Sew the ribbon to the webbing, leaving the extra 10 inches of ribbon all on one side. Take it slow to show your child just how to easy it can be to use a standard sewing machine.

2. Add the D-ring to the end that does not have webbing, then fold the edge under and sew the ribbon together.

3. Carefully sew the end shut around the D-ring. Make sure it’s secure!

4. Thread the other end of the belt through the D-ring and sew two pieces of Velcro where the person wearing the belt will need it.

5. You’re done!

Contact Feiner Supply for Velcro Materials

Looking for a fun, fast, and affordable crafts project you can complete with your child at home? Velcro is one of those wonderfully versatile, incomprehensibly underutilized materials that can be used to make a multitude of accessories that both kids and parents can wear with pride.

To get started making Velco ribbon belts with your family and friends, visit our website or contact us at 1-800-645-3256


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