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Calling All Teachers! Plan Your New Year Classroom Crafts with Hook and Loop Tape Projects

Hook and Loop Tape Craft Projects

As we welcome the new year, many teachers, parents, grandparents, caregivers, and their students are looking forward to new crafts and classroom projects. One great way for your students to create awesome crafts is with hook and loop tape tools.

Hook and loop tape is essentially a generic brand of Velcro, making it more affordable and the perfect way to create classroom crafts. Hook and loop tape works the same way as the name brand item, hook and loop tape can be easily stored, even in bulk, and even in classrooms where storage is at a premium.

Today, the team at Feiner Supply, wholesaler of Feiner Hook and Loop Tape and Velcro products, offers these tips for fun classroom projects:

Classroom Crafts and Projects with Hook and Loop Tape

When it comes to classroom projects, crafts, and other uses, you want educational, fun, and attention-getting designs to help you in the classroom and keep the students engaged. Here are some incredible ideas for creatively using your hook and loop tape from Feiner Supply:

The Venn Diagram

venn diagram hook and loop tape

The classic Venn Diagram, essentially a graphic organizer, is the ideal way to help kids learn lots of unique lessons. From comparing items that are different or the same to organizing ideas. The process is simple, each student creates a Veen Diagram from felt which can be attached to the wall with hook and loop tape.

Once created, students can draw or cut out pictures of the animal or other objects being compared, and with the help of hook and loop tape, attach them to the appropriate portion of the diagram. In the middle, of course, is the Venn Diagram Fantasy Creature or Object, a mashup of the animals or objects surrounding the center. Thanks to the hook and loop, switching between projects and creations is easy. 

Hook and Loop Dartboard


Indoor childrens dart board

For this fun activity, you’ll need:

  • Felt
  • Ping pong balls
  • Hook and loop tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Cut out and design the felt dartboard, complete with hook and loop tape to capture the “darts” and a scoring system. Next, cover ping pong balls with hook and loop tape to act as “darts” and adhere to the dartboard. Not only will the activity allow the littlest players to join in the fun, but it will also help with hand-eye coordination, playing together, and math (keeping score). 

Build a Snowman

build a snowman


Also using felt  as well as hook and loop tape, this activity allows your students to build their own snowman. Cut out sets of blank white circles to act as the snowman (or snowwoman) body and head.

Students will cut shapes out of different colored paper or felt to make eyes, noses, hats, scarves, buttons, and other embellishments and then attach hook and loop adhesive to the back. Next, everyone will build their snowman using their cutouts with hook and loop tape to decorate their snowman. 

Sticky Stick and Math Shapes

This activity uses hook and loop tape and markers if you can’t find colored craft sticks. Cut and attach the hook and loop tape to the markers and student have the ideal way to create their own shapes, building rectangles, triangles, octagons, and more. 

The Sticky Sticks can also be used for math practices by adding numbers and making plus, minus, multiplication, division, and equals signs so kids can practice math skills on a simple felt board background.  

Gone Fishing!

Cut fish from felt, using hook and loop tape for the eyes. Add a dowel rod with yarn and hook and loop tape to act as the hook. Kids can then go fishing as the hook and loop tape acts as an actual “hook” to catch the felt fish. You can use different colored fish to learn colors or add numbers or letters to the fish to teach numbers and the alphabet.

Toddler Catch

toddler catch

With a whiffle ball, hook and loop tape, and a pair of inexpensive knit gloves, you can teach toddlers to play catch easily and enhance their eye-hand coordination. The hook and loop tape is attached to the whiffle ball and the toddlers put on the gloves. As you gently toss the ball, with the help of the hook and loop, they learn to catch the ball.

3-D Art

3-d art

There are lots of ways to help children develop their creativity. Adding a 3-D element to artwork is a great way to embellishment to help children’s art come to life. Children create their unique designs on paper, canvas, or felt. Next cutouts are created to complete the artsy scene. Add hook and loop tape to the cutouts to adhere them to the artwork.

Different cutouts can be created to make different scenes on the art backdrop making a fun, reusable, and imaginative piece of art. This technique can also be used for creative 3-D scrapbooking. From timelines to special events, children can add pictures from vacations, camp, sports, or school to remember and share important events in their lives.

Foam Chains

Velcro Innovative Uses

Using foam sheets, hook and loop tape, and a hot glue gun (this one requires adult supervision), cut craft foam sheets into strips and attach hook and loop tape with hot glue to make the links in the foam chain. Let kids embellish the links with markers, paper, and glitter to create reusable foam chains for hanging artwork or decorating for a birthday party.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on crafty and creative hook and loop project for the new year in your classroom, homeschool, or daycare. With hook and loop tape the possibilities are endless.

Call on the Hook and Loop Experts at Feiner Supply!

With all these great ideas and your hook and loop tape in bulk, you are prepared and ready to head happily into the new year with creative crafts and classroom projects. Check out the Feiner Supply website for all the hook and loop varieties and loads of great ideas and unique uses for your hook and loop tape. Whether you need lots of hook and loop tape or only a little, contact us for information.

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