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DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Create with Hook & Loop Tape

FeinerSupply offers tips for DIY Halloween Decorations the whole family can enjoy

Calling all ghouls and goblins! Halloween is right around the corner. Have you started decorating your house yet, whether with typical scary flair or your own DIY Halloween decorations?

It’s only a short month and change before you’ll be out on the town trick-or-treating. Statistics say over 40 million people participated annually in recent years. It’s not a trend that’s slowing down any time soon.

So don’t wait until the last minute to start getting some awesome decorations out on your lawn. The people are ready. Luckily for you, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. And we’re not talking about the scary kind!

Have you ever heard of hook and loop tape – and all the creative ways you can use it?

If you’re a DIYer, this one’s for you. Make this holiday season even more special with homemade decorations. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

What Is Hook and Loop Tape?

Hook and loop tape is just like Velcro, except it won’t break your bank when you buy it in bulk.

The rough side is the hook. The soft side is the loop. Together, these two materials create a strong fastener. It should last the entire evening of October 31st – and then some.

Now let’s get those DIY Halloween decorations looking scary!

Pumpkin Display

Display your pumpkins in a cool manner – stacked on top of each other; leading up to your doorway. But don’t leave them blank. Use hook and loop tape to stick Halloween decor on the pumpkins. Ghosts, spiders, black cats, spider webs, “Boo!”s.

When Halloween is over, remove the stickers and keep the pumpkins up for Fall.

Mummy Mask

You can use hook and loop tape to create a sturdy mummy mask – or, a decoration for your face. Make a face-shaped cut-out. Use white tape (hook side) to cover the face’s shape. Then use strips of white tape to make bandages over the face. Use circular black tape (loop side) to create eyes. Use the loop side of red tape for blood effects. Voila!

(Not Your Average) Balloons

Try wrapping white balloons in a mesh black sheet. Use hook and loop tape to secure the wrapping at the base of the balloon.

Let Me Out! A Boarded Window

Collect some lightweight boards, then use hook and loop tape to form a sturdy connection between the boards and the window frame. Crisscross them in a creepy, haphazard way. It’ll peel off easily the next day – unless you want to leave it up as a warning!

Lend Me a Hand

Hook and loop tape can also attach your previously-owned or already-purchased decorations. Simply use it to form a sturdier connection to walls, doors, window frames, and ceilings.

Get Spooky

These hook and loop decorations are easy, right?

Let your imagination run wild. You can combine the tape with any materials to construct an awesome decoration. One that can’t get bought anywhere else.

After all, Americans already spend $6 billion a year on Halloween. You don’t need to contribute to that when you have the creativity gene!

Are you hooked? If you’re feeling crafty, try making a dartboard for the Halloween party!

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