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Fun Family Projects with Hook and Loop Fasteners and Tapes

garage tools organized with velcro

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are fun for everyone involved, except the person shelling out the money for all the expensive products.

There is good news for that though, there are cheaper alternatives to the name brand hook and loop fasteners that are equal in quality! This means you and your family can whip out all the DIY project ideas for a lower cost. Let’s get started!

Fun Hook and Loop Fastener Projects 

There are tons of projects you can do using hook and loop velcro that even the little ones can participate in. We’ve gone ahead compiled a fun list of things that you and your family could do together.

Since there is the option to buy these items in bulk, you may not even have to choose between all the different DIY projects.

Reusable Snack Packs

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to waste plastic baggies, this is the perfect project for you. All you need is some cloth and some hook and loop tape, but if you want to wash it we would suggest the sew-on variety. With this reusable food bag, you can send your kids to school with snacks and help the environment!

Beach Towel Holder 

Beach bags are packed with sunscreen, family snacks, and other beach essentials, such as towels. However, sometimes your beach towel takes up too much room. So, instead of sacrificing the sunscreen, you could make a handy-dandy beach towel strap.

This enables you to carry your beach towel around on your shoulder without having to drag it along the ground.

Gardening Help 

If you and your family like gardening, then you know how annoying it is when your plants won’t attach to the stake you’ve put them against. One gust of wind and your plant will fall over. A fix for this is to get a strip of fabric and attach some adhesive velcro strap and hook a loop to it, then you can wrap it around your plant without damaging it.

Removable Pillow Covers

Making decorative pillowcases is a great family craft, and by using hook and loop velcro, you can do this without fumbling to sew a zipper too. More time can be dedicated to the decoration of these pillowcases, not to mention the little ones can help out without having to sew.

It’s an easy way to decorate your house during the holiday season and great fun for the family.

Tablet Cover 

If you still want a well-decorated cover for your tablet but aren’t interested in sacrificing the safety of your current boring case then that’s an easy fix. You can put some of the hook and loop tape on your case and attach some to the fabric or foam of your preference.

Not only is it a cute customizable case that’s fun to make, but you can change it as often as you’d like without buying a new case.

DIY Supplies Available for the Family

There are tons of different hook and loop fastener projects and even more that you can personally come up with. If you check out our website, there are a ton of different forms of hook and loop tape that we can provide you with for your crafts.

Feiner Supply sells in bulk or for just a few DIY projects. If you have any questions, contact us for information.

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