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45 Best Household Uses for VELCRO® / Hook & Loop Tape

garage tools organized with velcro

All of us know VELCRO® works on shoes since most of used to wear shoes with velcro fasteners as kids, BUT the product has dozens of other applications we often overlook.  From everyday needs to affix it and forget it, here are a few of our favorite uses for the famous fastener at home.

What can VELCRO® be used for?

Velcro'd Cords Together

    • Computer cord wrap – Keep the battery cord of your computer from getting tangled (check out our Feiner wrap if you don’t have any to wrap your cables)
    • Attach your iPad or tablet to the kitchen cabinet to easily read recipes or instructions with adhesive-backed hook and loop tape
    • Hang smoke detector to wall or ceiling
    • Secure gate door to keep opened or closed for pets or toddlers
    • Use VELCRO® in place of hooks – Feather dusters, brooms and fly swatters can all be kept from falling by adding a swatch of hook and loop tape to keep them sturdy and handy. Instead of propping the broom up against the wall only to have it slide sideways, add a piece of VELCRO® to keep it in place.

velcro'd down rug

    • VELCRO® Down Rugs – Not only can sliding rugs be bothersome and disheveled looking, but they can also be dangerous. Pets and children running around on your hardwood, laminates or tile could easily fall and hurt themselves by skidding on a sliding rug. Use VELCRO® to effortlessly halt rugs from sliding out of play and lower the chances of a nasty accident happening.
    • VELCRO® Essential Items In Designated Spots – Using VELCRO® to safeguard against losing things is a great trick to keep your home orderly and functioning. You can also VELCRO® notepads and cork boards to inside cabinet doors for an easy way to hold important medication or diet information that’s within reach, but hidden from guests.
    • Fix your shirt – Attach small pieces of hook and loop tape or VELCRO® or hook and loop tape in between the buttons on a shirt that has a tendency to gap.
    • Keep wrapping paper organized – Attaching a hook and loop coin to the end of your wrapping paper and adhering it to itself is a great way to keep your holiday paper from getting wrinkled or torn during storage. 
    • Keep your plants/flowers up straight – VELCRO® is so much easier to deal with than twine or string, and it’s especially useful if you have a few sagging plants in your home or backyard.
    • Keep track of your keys – Add some VELCRO® to the wall beside your front door so you never lose or forget your keys
    • De-pill sweaters with the hook side of a strip of VELCRO® or hook and loop tape.
    • Bundle Sports Equipment – VELCRO® straps can come in handy if your family has a lot of sporting equipment, including fishing poles and golf clubs.
    • Hang Tools in Workshop or Garage – If you have a lot of small, miscellaneous tools in your garage, you can use a VELCRO® sheet and smaller VELCRO® coins to organize them on a horizontal or vertical surface. VELCRO® can even help keep them tidy inside a drawer.Feiner supply velcro hook and loop tape
    • Keep Track Of The Remote or Controllers – You can use VELCRO® straps or coins to attach your remote to the side of your TV, or even to its stand, so you never have to go digging through the couch cushions again when your favorite show is about to start.
    • Secure Flashlights – If the power goes out, you don’t want to have to rummage through messy drawers to find a flashlight or matches. You can use VELCRO® to secure a flashlight to a spot in your home, so you’ll always know it’s there for when you need it.
    • Create removable screens for your windows – Adding and replacing window screens can be a difficult and annoying task—but try letting in a pleasant summer breeze without one, and you might find your house filled with bugs and dirt.
    • Keep Cushions In Place – If you have children or rambunctious pets, you may get sick of constantly having to realign the couch cushions. You can use VELCRO® to secure cushions in place, as well as fitted sheets on mattresses and any outdoor furniture accents.
    • Hide your key – hiding the key under a rock or doormat is the not best way of going about it. People know the basic ways of hiding a key so coming up with a unique idea is required. VELCRO® can be used to stick your key to any number of places in a secure fashion. It gives you the ultimate flexibility in selecting a suitable hiding spot for the key.
    • Always have a pen handy – Use a small piece of VELCRO® to keep a pen handy on your desk, refrigerator, in your car etc.Hook and Loop Uses for Classrooms
  • Educational Fun for Kids – Turn household objects into educational toys for young children. In combination with our hook and loop tape, create a DIY adhesive board that can help teach little ones about shapes and adhesion. Hook and loop tape and coins offer tactile play options that kids will love.
  • Organize toys in the kids’ room – Does your kids’ playroom look like an explosion of stuffed animals? You can teach kids to clean up and care for their own toys by giving them an easy and fun way to organize their toys when they’re done with them.Indoor childrens dart board
  • Create a VELCRO® dartboard – You can also put strips with the hook side on a plastic ball that the kids can catch with soft gloves or they can throw the ball onto a felt dartboard.
  • Make a portable artboard – Transform a cutting board with a handle into a portable craft and artboard using VELCRO®.
  • DIY Spice Rack – Keep your cumin, thyme, cinnamon, and bay leaves within reach while cooking up your next culinary delight. Stick Feiner coins to the wall and to small containers filled with your favorite spices to create a unique spice rack. Not only will you have a convenient and lovely wall display, but you’ll also save shelf space in your cupboards.
  • Dog bowl – it can be annoying to find that your dog has tipped over the dog bowl once again, and spilling out water or food. Fortunately, VELCRO® can be used to adhere the dog bowl to the desired spot on the floor. This also helps the dog eat from the bowl as won’t move.
  • Hang small pictures or other decorationsVELCRO® is a great solution to the problem of wanting to hang something on the wall without having to drill a hole. However, you’ll need to use VELCRO® so that the weight is not too great.
  • Secure music gear during a gig or rehearsals – Avoid the hassle of keeping effects pedals, keyboards, bass drum pedals, and other essential gear in place while on stage.
  • Stainless Steel Refrigerator Art Gallery – Stainless steel appliances are a stylish addition to your kitchen, but you can’t use magnets to display important messages, family photos, or masterpieces by your favorite little artists on your refrigerator. Our hook and loop coins have adhesive backings won’t damage your fridge or walls, letting you make the most of your display space without leaving permanent damage on your expensive appliances.
  • Seasonal Window and Wall Decor – Snowflakes and candy canes for the winter, spooky spider webs for Halloween, fall foliage, or lacy hearts for Valentine’s Day; Add Feiner coins to your window frames or walls and then mount decorative pieces to celebrate the season. Easily change up your decor with the changing seasons with adhesive-backed coins that will strongly stick to your windows/walls and remove without trouble.
  • Declutter Your Workspace – Do you have lots of external drives consuming desk space? Fasten your external hard drives to the underside of your desk to hide them.
  • Organize your vanity/mirror space in your bathroom – You can also attach strips of hook-and-loop adhesive backed tape to the wall beside your vanity mirror. Then you can put a dot of touch fastener on each of your make-up brushes or other cosmetic products. 
  • Bundle pencils and pens – Keep colored pencils for you or your children’s art space or pens/pencils in your desk organized with a strip of VELCRO® and or hook and loop tape to avoid messy drawers.
  • Repair a broken jeans zipper
  • Create a Car Entertainment System – When you buy a new car and want the rear DVD entertainment system, chances are you’ll spend thousands of dollars. Instead of breaking the bank, use hook and loop tape to mount a tablet to the back of the front head rest. To complete the total package, you can even connect wireless Bluetooth speakers and mount them anywhere in the car for the surround sound theater experience.Feiner Supply hook and loop tape holiday uses
  • Keep holiday lights in place
  • Keep a bottle opener handy – Attach a bottle opener for beer or wine to the lid of a cooler when traveling.
  • Secure mailbox to your home without drilling holes into the facade
  • Secure kitchen table cloths – Add the tape to your tablecloth to stop it sliding on your polished table.
  • Attach a waterproof shower radio to the bathroom wall
  • Hang curtain valance and secure rods
  • Put up hallway or bathroom lights
  • Temporarily fix a purse or clothes – If the closure on a purse breaks, attach a couple of VELCRO® strips to keep your bag closed. You can also temporarily hem your children’s clothing if they are still growing into them. “Hem” pants or shorten sleeves on shirts so they are comfortable until they fit just right.
  • Attach birdhouse to a pole or to the home
    VELCRO® Makeup Boards – Do you always find yourself digging around in your makeup bag or rummaging through your vanity in the morning? Does it keep you from getting out of the house on time? It won’t anymore, with this hack.

Makeup Board Instructions:

  1. Take a large poster board or bulletin board and mount it to the wall.
    velcro dots
  2. Then get a roll of hook and loop tape in small circles or in a roll that you can then cut into small shapes. Place the soft side of the tape on the back of your makeup items.
  3. Bigger items like eyeshadow palettes will need more than one piece of VELCRO® to stick.
  4. Once the VELCRO® is stuck to the back of your makeup, stick the hook side of the VELCRO® to the loop part.
  5. Place the makeup on the board or corkboard and press down – not hard enough to break your makeup – but hard enough to stick the item down.
  6. Try to take the makeup item off the board and press the hook parts back on the board if needed.
  7. If you’re having trouble getting it to stick, try using hot glue on the back of the dots. We don’t recommend hot gluing the dots to your makeup, in case you damage the plastic or the makeup inside.

Don’t have VELCRO® Coins? View our affordable adhesive-backed hook and loop coins available for sale.

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velcro wrap
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