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Hook and Loop Tape Sewing Fastener: Uses and Application Methods

Hook and loop tape and fasteners provide strong bonds and last longer than most competing products. The two components, the hook and the loop, press together to form a secure and adjustable hold. To reopen, simply peel apart. Not only are hook-and-loop fasteners safe and easy to use, but they also are maintenance free.  They even provide a measure of security, because the tearing sound that emits from ripping the materials apart serves as a pickpocket deterrent.

Hook and loop tape has many uses, including:

  • Hanging items on the refrigerator
  • Attaching smoke detector to the ceiling or wall
  • Securing objects in a truck bed
  • Functioning as a zipper alternative
  • Securing outdoor furniture cushions
  • Hanging curtains
  • Keeping couch cushions in place
  • Hanging Christmas lights
  • Mounting a water bottle to a bike frame
  • Creating interchangeable labels
  • Securing boat cushions

Despite the simplicity of its structure, hook and loop tape is an innovation that influences industries and lives worldwide. This is especially true in the textile industry. The demand has motivated many businesses to offer Velcro products in bulk.

If you enjoy sewing for family and friends or if you have a small clothing business, hook and loop tape should be an integral part of the creation process. If you’ve considered taking on sewing as a hobby, here are some instructions for incorporating hook-and-loop-fasteners in your designs:

  • Cut the tape down to the desired length and width.
  • Baste the fabric and hook-and-loop fastener together.
  • If the needle doesn’t pass through the fastener, replace the needle with one designed for thicker fabrics. Sewing with a thin needle may cause bending or breaking.
  • Sew around the edges (by hand or machine) to secure.

The fastener is machine washable, and it is advised to close the fastener before washing to reduce potential thread buildup or snags on other garments.

Adhesive-backed fasteners are a popular option.  They are ideal for smooth surfaces and outdoor or indoor use. If you decide to use adhesive-backed material, follow these application steps:

  • Clean and dry the surface before applying. If there is an oily buildup or wet surface, it will not stick properly.
  • Remove the tape from the fastener and press firmly into place for about 10 seconds.
  • Wait a full 24 hours for the adhesive to reach maximum strength.

These products are not recommended for dashboards, fabrics or underwater use. A citrus-based adhesive is the most effective way to remove an adhesive-backed product.

Feiner Supply carries a variety of hook and loop sew-on tape and adhesive-backed items. Whether you need hook-and-loop fasteners or velcro products in bulk, Feiner Supply will deliver. For a full list of products, visit or call 800-645-3256 for more details.

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