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Fall in Love with These DIY Hook & Loop Tape Valentine Decorations

DIY Valentine Decorations

Did you know that Americans spend over $10 billion on Valentine’s Day each year?

If you want to save money on your decor this year, we’ve got some cute, simple ideas for Valentine decorations, all using hook and loop tape.

Whether you’re celebrating alone, or you want to make the day magical for your partner, these crafts will have your home looking adorable in no time.

1. Hanging Felt Hearts

This is a simple craft that looks cute all year round.

Simply grab some red felt and cut two heart shapes. Stitch together by hand, attaching a small loop of hook and loop tape to the top.

Stuff until the heart is nicely bouncy but not too full. Finish sewing so that none of the stuffing can escape.

Finally, stick a longer piece of hook and loop tape to a wall or furniture item and attach as many hearts as you like. Using hook and loop tape means it’s easy to move things around until your decoration looks perfect.

2. ‘Love’ Cushion Cover

There’s nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with a loved one – so why not create a cute personalized cushion for your partner?

Cut two large squares of cloth and sew together three of the edges, leaving the top open. Attach hook and loop tape to this side to make it easy to open and close.

Use felt or colored fabric to cut out the letter’s ‘L’ ‘O’ ‘V’ ‘E’, then sew to the front of the cushion cover.

If you want to go all out, you could even add your partner’s name.

3. Happy Valentine’s Bunting

Want to create bunting that can be used to spell out anything you want, including ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’?

Simply purchase some bunting, then attach a dot of hook and loop tape to the front of each flag.

Cut all the letters of the word you want to spell out of colored felt, then attach a dot of tape to the back of each letter. You can now stick letters up to spell any word or phrase you like.

If you think you’ll use the bunting again for other holidays, be sure to cut duplicates of the most commonly used letters.

4. Felt Date Planner Board

Want to make date night more exciting this Valentine’s Day?

This is a fun craft that you and your partner can use all year round.

Simply purchase a cheap felt board, then print and laminate pictures to represent different date ideas.

Add a dot of hook and loop tape to the back of each.

Then, stick markers for the days of the week to your board.

Now you and your partner can sit down and plan a special date or activity for every single day of the week, mixing and matching as much as you like.

Why Make Your Own Valentine Decorations?

Making your own Valentine decorations makes the holiday feel special and shows your partner that you really care. There’s a reason that the personalized gift market is so big.

Want to check out some other cool projects using hook and loop tape? Visit our blog today.


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